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drivingatnight's Journal

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this is a closed community only for cyrena and sirius to post private entries.
amélie, an intricate taco salad, andy warhol, arco, art history, audrey tautou, avid editing system, b&w film, bjork, charlie chaplin, chinese food, chips n salsa, coffee with cream, constant paranoia, cyrena fame, dearest someone, dirty sheets, disappointmenting moments, distance&closeness, documentaries about you, dwelling on the past, french vanilla, grilled cheese sandwiches, guitar feedback, hits of sunshine, iceland, imperfect beauty, inside jokes, ireland, james joyce, kissing for hours, late night walks, lingering doubts, losing sight of things, lyric diner, meaningless yet meaningful conversations, mendoza line, mid to late march, neck biting, no salt margaritas, not thinking while writing, obscure references, peanut butter on toast, photographic memories, polaroids, pop art, pop culture, radiohead, rejection, remains of the day, reykjavik, shopping for cds, sirius rambles, sleeping til noon, smelly vagina, sneaking into your dorm, squeaky squeaky, stylish glasses on girls, sunken in chest, suppressing emotions, sushi, talking in your sleep, the boredoms, the city, the cloisters, tommy habeeb, unfinished apple martinis, unison, unrepentant desire, unsent letters, vas babers, whining everyday, words of wisdom, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, your flaws